Adobo – Carne Adobada

Adobo or Carne Adobada, also spelled Adovada, is a preparation for many types of dishes that are common in Mexican cuisine. Carne Adobada is generally pork or beef marinated in a “red” chile sauce with vinegar and oregano, but it can refer to different types of meat and to marinades similar to al pastor.


Pork Adobada

My in-laws live in Mexico near the city of Durango, we often visit and have the pleasure of cooking a whole pig in an underground pit. One of my favorites preparations is carne adobada. It's so tasty and by the time you take it out of the pit the meat is almost...

Adobada Enchiladas

Oh…what to do with leftover carne adovada or pulled pork. In this kitchen, it’s normally used to make a batch of enchiladas.  It doesn’t take but about 1 cup of tender braised pork to make enough enchiladas for two people. If you have more than that, then make a...

New Mexican Carne Adobada

Carne adovada is a New Mexican dish consisting of cubes of pork marinated in red chile puree, then smoked and finally slow simmered in red chile sauce until they are fall-apart tender and bursting with chile flavor.  The ingredients are simple, the method is simple,...

Awesome Carne Adobada

Mexico well-known for its great food, rich with flavors native to Mexico. Below, the recipe for Carne Adobada, a red chile based stew of braised pork made using the Mexican cooking technique called adobada, or cooking something in an adobo sauce. [yumprint-recipe...

Carne Adovada – New Mexico Style

Carne Adovada is generally a spicy plate of chunks of pork butt (shoulder) that has been marinated overnight and slow cooked in an oven in its marinade or in a crock pot.  The meat should be fork tender or almost shreddable, like pulled pork. It is served with a side...

Carne Adobada – Chile-Braised Pork

In a large saucepan over medium high heat, combine chiles, chipotles, chicken stock, and lime juice. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat, cover and simmer for 15-20 minutes. Blend until smooth using an immersion blender, or transfer in batches to a standing blender. Set...

Carne in Adobo Recipe

Special equipment: You’ll need a very clean coffee or spice grinder for this recipe.  Game plan: This dish can be made 1 day or many hours ahead and reheated.

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