Chilaquiles Verdes With Fried Eggs

Chilaquiles con Salsa Verde, crisp tortillas tossed in sauce and served topped with cheese and eggs are my absolute favorite breakfast food.

Chicken en Adobo Taco

These authentic Mexican chicken tacos are best made when you’ve got a few hours to savour a deliciously slow-cooked meal.

Chipotle Chicken Tostadas

Charred corn and chicken have great summery flavors, but what really makes this tostada sing is the chipotle-lime cream sauce that holds everything on the shell.

Cochinita Pibil Tacos

This pibil recipe is prepared in a Dutch oven, pops with earthy achiote paste and citrus juices, yielding a luscious, spicy pulled pork.

Slow Cooker Cochinita Pibil

Cochinita pibil is often served over rice in Mexico, but I really like the sweetness a corn tortilla provides, as a foil to the bold pork. Top it all with the traditional pickled red onions and some fresh cilantro.

Cochinita Pibil Torta

This recipe is actually just a combination of two others, this cochinita pibil recipe and a pickled onion recipe for garnish (added in this post).    ...

Pollo Pibil

The main ingredient in this dish is the Achiote paste, also known as "Recado Rojo", an essential ingredient and the base of many dishes in Yucatecan Cuisine. These dishes include the famous Cochinita Pibil and the Mucbi-Pollo, a large tamal prepared for the Day of the...

Salmon with Pipian Sauce

Pipian Verde sauce (Pipián Verde), or green pumpkin seed sauce if you will, is one of the great moles of Mexico. It’s traditionally made with pepitas (pumpkin seeds), tomatillo, and jalapeno peppers. In this New Mexico Chile version I’ve replaced the tomatillo and...

Pork with Pipian Sauce

Though the preparation can initially seem excessive, everything is done for a reason. The chiles are lightly blackened, pureed, cooked in a bit of lard, and then, finally, reduced with some chicken stock. Each step intensifies the flavor. The simple sautéed pork chop...

Shrimp in Pipian Sauce

This isn't food to eat quickly while standing up—this is worth taking a seat to linger over. The result is a rich and surprisingly flavorful sauce with just a tinge of heat.

Whole Roasted Red Snapper

A whole roasted fish comes out very tender and juicy without much effort on your part. I chose to stuff it with lemon slices and fresh dill and added a variety of spring inspired vegetables.

Grilled Huachinango Tacos

Grilled fish tacos are a staple in Southern California. Rather than the usual salsa that accompanies meat-filled tacos, those filled with fish get topped with finely chopped sweet onion and fresh cilantro and a squeeze of fresh lime. [yumprint-recipe...