Mexican Chiles Rellenos

The chile relleno is a dish in Mexican cuisine that originated in the city of Puebla.

In Mexico, it consists of a stuffed, roasted, fresh poblano pepper (a large and mild chili pepper named after the city of Puebla), sometimes substituted with a non-traditional Hatch chile, Anaheim, pasilla or even jalapeño chili pepper. In 1858 it was described as a “green chile pepper stuffed with minced meat and coated with eggs”.

In current cuisine, it is typically stuffed with melted cheese, such as queso Chihuahua or queso Oaxaca or with picadillo meat made of diced pork, raisins and nuts, seasoned with canella; covered in an egg batter or simply corn masa flour and fried. Although it is often served in a tomato sauce, the sauces can vary.

Chile Relleno Grilled Cheese

I love building grilled cheese sandwiches because there are countless combinations of what can be created and you have a simple yet satisfying meal in a number of minutes. This one is two amazing foods in one, grilled cheese along with a twist on a classic Mexican...

Chile Relleno Casserole

Classic chiles rellenos are green chiles, blackened and outer skin removed, stuffed with either cheese or a pork sausage picadillo, dipped in batter, fried in oil, and often served with a thin tomato sauce. This recipe for a chile relleno casserole skips the steps of...

Chile Relleno Omelet

A dish that’s one part omelet and a dash chile relleno, stuffed with flavors reminiscent of chorizo and potato tacos.

Classic Chile Relleno

Roasted poblano chiles stuffed with loads of cheese, battered with an airy egg coating, and fried until crispy equate to the Mexican version of comfort food. Chiles rellenos fillings can range from ground or stewed meats to a medley of vegetables, but this recipe...

Chile Relleno

Why are chiles rellenos an afterthought in Tex- and Cal-Mex restaurants? They're always folded in among the "other things to put on a combination platter" section of the menu. It's a shame, because they're consistently among my favorite things to order....