Mexican Food That Starts With C

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Cabrito-goatling Cabrito

Young goat






Soup, broth


Campechano-Seafood cocktailCampechano
Seafood cocktail


Capirotada- puddingCapirotada
A dessert pudding served in the Easter season


Carne asada-broiled beef
Carne asada
Broiled beef


Carne Guisada-beef stewCarne Guisada
A beef stew served over rice or tortillas


Carne Molida-Ground Beef
Carne dMolia

Ground Beef


Caviche-Raw seafood Ceviche 
Raw seafood cooked by marinating in citrus juice



Deep fried burrito


Chalupas-thick, filled, boat shaped tortillasChalupas
Thick, filled, boat shaped tortillas


champurrado-Chocolate atoleChampurrado
Chocolate atole


Chicharrónes-Fried pork rindsChicharrónes
Fried pork rinds


Chilatole-Chile and tomato atoleChilatole
Chile and tomato atole


Churros-deep fried pastryChurros
Strips of deep fried pastry sprinkled with sugar


Chorizo-Spicy pork sausageChorizo
Spicy pork sausage


cotija-hard cheeseCotija
A hard cheese also known as queso añejo