Mexican Food That Starts With P

 Mexican Food That Starts With P

Find Mexican foods that start with P in our list of Mexican food names. Are we missing any food here that starts with P? If we are let us know.


Panela-brown sugarPanela
A crumbly cheese




Red Snapper is a common plate in Mexico. The red snapper, L. campechanus, is found in the Gulf of Mexico and the southeastern Atlantic coast of the United States. 


Pica de Gallo-processed salsaPica de Gallo
Minced or processed salsa


Plantain-fried bananaPlantain
Plantains are closely related to bananas, but have more starch and are
Always cooked. Green ones are unripe and are baked like potatoes, for a
Similar period of time. Yellow ones are half-ripe and are also cooked like
Potatoes but not so long. Black ones are ripe and are peeled, sliced, and
Fried in butter/oil for a few minutes, until golden. They are creamy and
Vaguely reminiscent of bananas.











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