Mexican Food That Starts With W

Mexican Foods That Start With W

There are no authentic Mexicans foods that begin with W. W only recently came into existence in Spanish and only occurs in Mexico with foreign loan words like “waffles”  pronounced roughly as GWAH – flehss in spanish.

Here are a few Mexican words that start with W

  • whisky – Whisky
  • water – Tiolet
  • walkie – Walkie Talkie
  • wafles – Waffles
  • waflera – Waffle Iron
  • windsurfista – Windserfer

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Pork Adobada

My in-laws live in Mexico near the city of Durango, we often visit and have the pleasure of cooking a whole pig in an underground pit. One of my favorites preparations is carne adobada. It's so tasty and by the time you take it out of the pit the meat is almost...

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Chipotle Chicken Tostadas

Charred corn and chicken have great summery flavors, but what really makes this tostada sing is the chipotle-lime cream sauce that holds everything on the shell.

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Slow Cooker Cochinita Pibil

Cochinita pibil is often served over rice in Mexico, but I really like the sweetness a corn tortilla provides, as a foil to the bold pork. Top it all with the traditional pickled red onions and some fresh cilantro.

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