Mole is the generic name for a number of sauces originally used in Mexican cuisine, as well as for dishes based on these sauces. Outside Mexico, it often refers specifically to mole poblano. In contemporary Mexico, the term is used for a number of sauces, some quite dissimilar, including black, red/colorado, yellow, green, almendrado, de olla, huaxmole and pipián. Generally, a mole sauce contains a fruit, chili pepper, nut and spices like black pepper, cinnamon and cumin.

Turkey in Mole Poblano

It may be called the great American bird, but turkey was first domesticated in Mexico one of our favorite preparations is a celebratory dish from the Mexican state of Puebla: a slow braise of breast meat in a deep, dark mole that's shot through with three kinds of...

Spicy Mole Sauce

This recipe is so good that the first time I made it, I had to use restraint not to lick the plate clean. It proves yet again that chiles and chocolate are a dreamy combination.

Chicken Mole

In a world where chipotle is almost a supermarket staple, it's fair to say that authentic Mexican food has gone mainstream. And we couldn't be happier: We love the complex layering of flavors in real Mexican cooking. Mole, the signature sauce of Mexico, is a...