Authentic Mexican Pipian Sauce 

Pipián sauce is a piquant Mexican sauce traditionally served over roast chicken or enchiladas. It is part of a larger family of ground sauces known as moles, and it has a very distinctive, nutty, earthy flavor which some consumers find quite enjoyable. Mexican restaurants sometimes have dishes on offer served with this sauce, and it is also possible to find it packaged in Mexican grocery stores. The best pipián sauce, however, is made fresh at home, as needed, to preserve the flavor.

Salmon with Pipian Sauce

Pipian Verde sauce (Pipián Verde), or green pumpkin seed sauce if you will, is one of the great moles of Mexico. It’s traditionally made with pepitas (pumpkin seeds), tomatillo, and jalapeno peppers. In this New Mexico Chile version I’ve replaced the tomatillo and...

Pork with Pipian Sauce

Though the preparation can initially seem excessive, everything is done for a reason. The chiles are lightly blackened, pureed, cooked in a bit of lard, and then, finally, reduced with some chicken stock. Each step intensifies the flavor. The simple sautéed pork chop...

Shrimp in Pipian Sauce

This isn't food to eat quickly while standing up—this is worth taking a seat to linger over. The result is a rich and surprisingly flavorful sauce with just a tinge of heat.

Chicken in green pipian sauce

This classic Mexican pumpkin seed sauce, also known as green mole, is tangy, herbal and spicy all at the same time here we're serving it with chicken to accentuate the natural flavors